Safe Haven

Outreach Mission, Inc. 1112 South 24th St., Parsons, Kansas 620-421-4417

Club 72

Club 72 is a way you can help support Safe Haven Outreach financially. All we ask is that you commit to $6.00 a month OR $72.00 a year. If you break it down that is only $0.20 a day. This money will be used to continue touching people with the love of Christ. It will be used to pay gas and electric, water, phone, rent and basic needs at the shelter.

What it takes to operate Safe Haven Outreach
On a monthly bases it takes around $1,200 - $ 1,500 to keep us operational. This does not in-clude ANY administrative cost. Right now ALL of our workers are all volunteers. Please keep in mind also, that we do not receive any funding from the state or federal government to do what we do. We do apply for faith based grants but, there are not too many of those out there right now. If we could get just 217 members in to CLUB 72 this would cover our expenses for a year.

What if I can't give $72.00?
You can also give just $6.00 a month OR partner with your best friend, roommate, co-worker, Sun-day School class or schoolmates. You are never too young to start giving, or teaching your children the concept of giving to those less fortunate.

What does my membership include?
Each member will receive a bi-monthly newsletter from our Director and Founder, Melissa Brown.

A safe Haven wristband.

And a ticket to our summer cookout for all Club 72 members at Safe Haven.

I want to be a part of Club 72 and make a difference in someone else's life! (Click Here)


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